Putting a Personal Stamp on 'em


I hope my grandchildren think the gift bags I have made them are awesome. I picture them looking at the bags lovingly, and exclaiming "Wow! Bamma made the bags just for us?" 

Of course, that is a dream. They are not likely to spend much time looking at the bags since there are gifts inside, and they are only six and eight years old. 

However, I really enjoyed thinking of their personalities, and preferences, as I made the bags. It also gave me another opportunity to use an adorable Easter stamp set, and some of my favorite papers, and inks.

Hopscotch Paper Packet

Some of the gift bags are made from scrapbook paper, and others are ready made bags I decorated. I hope you like both styles, and get some ideas of your own. 
From Bags to Riches
It really makes a gift special when it is in a handmade gift bag with a handmade card. You don't have to purchase expensive gifts, when you take the time to personalize the wrappings and card, the gift becomes special.
Hopping by Holiday Stamp Set

I'm not sure if my grandchildren will ask for countdown gifts for Independence Day, but I'm sure I will have to make some for Halloween. Don't tell anyone, but I'm really looking forward to Halloween Bags. 
I've Got This One in the Bag
I recorded two short videos to show the different types of bags. I used Cricut cuts, stencils, stamps, and more. Below the videos I have included links to the Close to My Heart products I used.

I appreciate all of you who take the time to watch my videos, read my blog, and especially those who help me donate to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society with your purchases. 

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