The Benefits of Being a Grandparent

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I became a mother for the first time a few weeks before my 23rd birthday. I became a grandmother for the first time a few weeks before my 43rd birthday. It is  definitely easier being the grandmother! Since I was such a young grandmother I really wanted a cool name, but no such luck. My grandson had trouble with the G sound, so I am, and probably always will be, Bamma. Lots of great benefits come with the title though.

1. You never have to be the bad guy. If it looks like you might have to get tough just say you are really tired and need a nap.

 2. If the kid grows up to be a delinquent it is never your fault. You didn't raise him/her after all.

 3. You don't have to stress about buying new shoes, paying the dentist, or funding college. You can just buy them presents!!

The last time my grandchildren spent the night, we were watching cartoons lying on the sleeper sofa with the lights low. My 5 yr old granddaughter said to her brother "I think it's past our bedtime." His answer was "Shhh! It's special at Bamma's." By the way, Bimpa was already in bed asleep. I gave birth to four children who are all adults now, yet I only have two grandchildren. Something is wrong with that math.

My daughter asked them to pose for pictures and these are the results.

What? You don't have grandchildren? You will need to get some of your own because I do not loan mine out. 

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