My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Videos

I am not yet brave enough to make my own YouTube videos, but there are lots I have enjoyed over the years. They are my favorite videos for different reasons. Some videos made me laugh, some taught me a new technique, a few made me say "why didn't I think of that?" Here are my favorites in no particular order.

  1. If Lindababyus and her craft hoarders video does not make you laugh (at yourself) then you are not a crafter.
2.  Sandy Alnock as the scrapwrangler made me laugh and clean out my (very large) paper scrap stash.
3. A great video to learn the basics of Copic markers. This might have caused me to become addicted to them, another reason why I find the craft hoarder video so funny.

4. Alejandra is seriously organized! I wish my desk was this organized.
5. This video is one of the reasons I decided to sell Close to My Heart products. I needed these Cricut cartridges.
6. There are so many great videos by cardcrazy09 that it was hard to choose one. 
7. The Party Plan Diva channel has lots of good info for anyone in direct sales.
8. Anyone who has been scrapbooking, card making, sewing, knitting, etc for awhile knows it is important to keep some sort of inventory.  It is NOT good to come home and discover you already own two (fill in the blank.) 
9. I have made many notepad holders for gifts, or for sale, and used this video as a guide.
10. There are lots of videos by Joy Tracey (Obsessedwithscrappin'), but this one has convinced me I need the new Cricut Explore. (sigh)
I lied. lol I had to include just one more.
11. It is hard to pick just one video by the Frugal Crafter, but they all make me wish I was as talented as she is.

Do you have a favorite ( or 10 or 12) YouTube video? Please post your faves in the comments.


  1. What a great selection of faves! Love the craft hoarder revisited one! I am your newest follower and wish you much success in all your crafty endeavors :-)
    My Blog: MyPaperCrafting.com

    1. I have watched that video several times. It is just too funny, and accurate. lol

  2. Kathryn Krieger
    Vicky Papaioannou
    Amil Kiger ( Copic )

    1. Those also great youtubers. Just like the frugal crafter, they make me want to say "I'm not worthy." lol


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