Another Woman's Cancer Journey

This lady is so incredibly brave, I just keep thinking about the precious time she could have with her family. Could you forgo treatment in the hopes of  finding a cure? Fortunately, I wasn't faced with this, but I do not think I would be as brave.

Woman With Aggressive Cancer Delays Treatment in the Name of Science


  1. What an amazing gift Dr. Koss has given , not only to her Daughter and Granddaughters , but to all of us . I had just finished reading a very interesting book concerning cell research , The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks , when I came across your post about Dr . Koss . The circumstances are quite different and come more then 60 years apart but, I find both women to be heroes. I am not on Facebook but my join just to check out " Hot Pink Activism " .

  2. I did "like" the group on facebook. They are trying to do amazing things through petitions, fundraisers, and just raising awareness.


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