Organizing my Crafty Business Space

The Desk

I knew that if I didn't start my organization with the desk area, I would regret it later. I thought about all I need to do at my desk, and how to organize everything in a small space. 

  • Planning
  • Filing
  • Document Printing
  • Computer work
  •  Photo Printing
  • General Paperwork and Bill Paying for CTMH 
  • General Paperwork and Bill Paying For Home
My desk is small, as is the location of my desk. Besides being functional in a small space, I need it to be fun and pretty, or I will not want to work.

  As you can see, everything is pretty in pink, and lime green. It really is my happy work space. The chair is padded and grey to match my walls. It, along with the picture throw, was a gift from a dear friend. 

There is room for my laptop, printer, and Selphy printer. I added the bulletin board, and white metal organizer, to get some things off of my desk space. This desk only has one drawer, and two small shelves. I really had to purge, and only keep necessary items in my desk space. I also have a filing cabinet that is close by, but that will be a post all its own.

 One of the few things that sits on my desk is this little organizer from Michaels. These go on sale quite often, and come in lots of different patterns.

 I love these little pink buckets which were a gift from another friend. The little basket holds my Fuji Instimax, and a canvas given to me by one of my daughters. 

I think I purchased this metal organizer at Marshall's. It carries supplies that I really need to have on hand. By getting it up off my desk I am able to fit my label maker, pencil sharpener, and business cards on my desk.

 Yes, I try to keep all of my office supplies in coordinating colors. Doesn't everyone? The desk houses label maker refills, extra tape, staples, paper clips, binder clips, push pins, and zip drives. All of these are things I need to have close by.

 My desk is a great place to spread out my planner, as I look forward to the next week/month. I love to add stickers, different colors, and quotes to my planner. Sometimes I can get lost in planning for hours.

I have come up with a schedule that works for me, unless I have something unavoidable crop up, or a doctor's appointment. Here is how my schedule looks right now:

Monday - create/ social media connections
Tuesday - post to blog and/or Youtube
Wednesday - create/ social media connections
Thursday - post to blog and/or Youtube
Friday - desk day/customer connections/bi-weekly newsletter
Saturday - create/social media connections
Sunday - review/evaluate/plan

If I don't create projects on a regular basis I have nothing to blog, or make a video, about. I'm trying a new schedule next week to see if it will help me get more done. The first week of every month I will post about specials. The second week I will try to create based on holidays, and the Close to My Heart stamp of the month. The third week it is what ever strikes my fancy. The fourth week is series, such as this one on getting organized. 

How do you organize your desk area? Any tips or tricks? I would love to hear them.


  1. Nice job . Your desk has inspired me to look at my desk and work area and see if I can organize it a bit more . Ok , maybe more than a bit .....lol

  2. I think I'm going to be purging as much as I organize over the next few weeks. Where does all of the stuff come from? lol


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