Completed Just in Time!

2014 Advent Calendar for grandchildren
I had a lot of projects going on in November, but this advent calendar had to be finished before December 1st! Each box was cut using the Close to My Heart Artiste Cricut Cartridge which helped speed things up. My mother also decorated the majority of the boxes while I cut, folded, and glued. 

How long did this take? Let's just say that I am happy for the little box that streams Netflix in my craftroom. We are now on season 1, episode 8 of "Once Upon a Time." Neither of us had ever watched it before, and now we are hooked.  

We delivered the box last night shortly before A and F's bedtime so that they wouldn't drive their parents crazy all day wanting to open all the boxes. 

Each box contains a little note with a clue to the present it represents. The presents are all wrapped and numbered, hidden in my daughter and son-in-law's room. 

Last night the comments were: "We can only open one each day??", "Can we just peek at the presents in mom and dad's room?", and my favorite "I hope one of those boxes is extra computer turns." 
They look very innocent, don't they?
The little angels woke up at 5 am to open their first box this morning. The note in the box said "You're in Trouble, play a game." They found one of their board games and began to play. Of course there was a gift that my daughter gave them - a Trouble game. 

If they wake up every morning at 5 am for the next 24 days, I may be in a little bit of trouble myself.


  1. That has to be my most favorite post from you. What a cool thing to make for the kids and something they will enjoy all month long . It was worth all the hours it took to plan and make for them . How are you ever going to top this ? Pictures of the kids enjoying their new boxes daily could fill an entire scrapbook !

    1. The pics will take up most of the room in my December Daily/Holiday Happenings crush book. They are keeping the base and boxes nice so that I can make them another advent calendar next year. lol It is only December 4th and they are planning ahead.


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