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I have been  dreaming and planning my ultimate craft space for over a year. I am currently using a room that I just took over without any planning. I have a lot of mismatched items, the walls are still a lavender color I really don't like, and I don't even want to talk about the carpet. Now that I have been crafting awhile I have a pretty good idea of how I work. Here are some of the things I have done while waiting for a larger craft space:

  1. I created a pinterest board and pinned everything and anything I thought I might like in my craft/office space. You can view my pinterest craft room and office space board here

  2. I arranged and rearranged my current space as I crafted. I soon realized I needed my Cricut and printer near my desk, as I use both with my laptop. I do not like to move machines around as I work. I also discovered I need to view my supplies, so closed storage is not my favorite.

  3. I decided that since pink and green were quickly becoming my accent colors, I would use grey and white for my walls and furniture.

  4. I purchased some stackable storage cubes from Michael's, clear plastic storage bins from Close to My Heart , a label maker, and a book shelf.

    Michaels' Recollections cubes  come in lots of styles


I have been unable to help with most of this stage, and greatly appreciate family members who have put in the work.

  1. So far my only participation in this stage has been to scrub the baseboards.

  2. My darling husband has removed the sliding closet doors. I'm hoping we can re-purpose them into a large work area. 

  3. My daughter purchased a wall color called "Diving Dolphin" and the painting is almost finished (again the work was done by my husband.) 

  4. The existing, fourteen year old, carpet has been removed by my darling husband.

  5. My husband found some great tile in different shades of grey, and the installation is in progress by . . . guess who? 

  6. I will be spray painting an old file cabinet pink, and painting my desk pink also.

  7. The really hard part of this stage will be moving and organizing all of my existing supplies. I may even have to *gasp* purge some of my supplies. Thank goodness organizing other peoples' stuff is one of my mother's favorite projects.


 Stay tuned as the work progresses. I will be posting pictures as it all comes together. Do you have a craft space of your own? If so, what are your favorite features, or ones you wish you had? Comment below, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.





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