Planners, Planners, Planners

It all started when I saw a YouTube video on something called a mind dump. The idea is to clear your head by writing everything down in a notebook, which will free your mind to come up with new ideas. David Allen advocates this system in his "Getting Things Done" book. 

Soon I realized I needed a planner to keep track of all of my appointments, and to-do lists. Hmmm, how about planning for success in my fundraising business? I'm sure you can imagine how this snowballed, and I found myself needing several different notebook/planners.

I am sure that I will tweak this system as the year goes on, but I'm excited to have a system in place. In the video below you can see how I am using my current system. If I make big changes I will update you all as I go along.

The printables I used can be found on:

I also used the Seaside paper packet for the Blog/Close to My Heart planner.  
The Levenger disc bound system, and the Frixion pens can all be found on Amazon.

Your planner(s) will likely look very different from mine if you are raising children, work outside the home, etc. Let me know if you have a system to stay organized this year, and what it is.



  1. Looks like you are ready for a busy , but most organized , 2015 !
    I have also found I need more than one system to
    keep everything organized and mobile , especially the mind dump.
    Your larger blue planner has taken on somewhat of a " Hobonichi "
    style , all it needs is a few drawings or doodles here and there.
    Nice video with some good ideas .

    1. Thank you. If I start doodling, you will be the first to know. lol

  2. I have done the brain dump it really works. I find it works well even without a notebook, just by taking some time to really think about everything weighing on my mind so I can focus on what I'm trying to do after that.

    1. It has been hard for me to get into the groove, but I definitely see the merits of it.

  3. For some reason I find I like to write mind dump list on quad paper . It just seems more fun and I find I write a bit more neat . I photocopy quad ruled sheets and make my own pads with covers made out of spare scrap paper . Works for me .

    1. The grids might help a lot with my handwriting. lol I like the idea of using scrap paper for covers to make them really personal. Of course mine would have a lot of pink.


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