A New Family Tradition

Some people may call it lazy, I prefer to think of it as an unplanned, new family tradition.  Yes, our Christmas tree is still up. Let's just say that January has flown by so far. My grandchildren were due for a visit, and I suddenly had a brilliant idea.

I pulled out all the stamps, paper, stickers, ribbon, etc, that were remotely Valentine's Day themed, and set up an extra work area in my craft room. Since my grandchildren are six and seven years old, they were all in. I love this age, they are so willing to agree to things, like The Valentine's Tree, even if they have never heard of it before.

They made some really cute decorations, and some that were . . . umm . . . interesting. My grandson added hearts to a drawing of Portal, his favorite video game to date. I guess if you add hearts to something it is automatically sweet, and befitting of The Valentine's Tree. They also had a little trouble making things that were ornament sized.

Adorable, right? You know what this means? I am obligated to leave the tree up year round. 

There were several discussions about future holidays. Easter will be easy, and Halloween is the most highly anticipated. My grandson explained that our 4th of July tree will need "George Washington, and some dead Red Coats." We may need to negotiate a little before July.


  1. What a great idea to do a Valentine's tree! I'm sure my kids will want to do one when I tell them about it :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

    1. Jennifer, Let me know how it goes. It's so much fun when kids really just go with an idea.


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